Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Make Your Cameo Appearance

Cobalt Blue Cameo Necklaces, Vintage Limoges, Sophia & Chloe
Vintage Limoges Cameo Necklaces in cobalt blue
Everything old is new again...and this is so true of cameo jewelry. Several years ago, I designed a cameo collection called "She is a Lady." I love cameos in general and the collection was so feminine, that I simply could not bring myself to remove them from the line when the trend was supposedly "over." Funny thing is, it never was over...In the years since, our Sophia and Chloe cameo designs have been featured in both Bridal Guide and our industry's trend insider Accessories Magazine. Then last summer we had the good fortune of having our Katherine 4 Stranded Cameo Necklace featured in Vanity Fair Italy!! 

Vintage Cameo Pearl Bridal Necklace by Sophia & Chloe
Lalique Replica Cameo Pearl Necklace

This all confirmed for me that the classic cameo has decidedly stood the test of time. It also got me thinking...how do I freshen this feminine favorite of mine? I decided to play with the scale. A bold, large statement earring was in order.

For an all out feminine punch, here are our new Cameo Statement Earrings! At 2 1/2" inches long, they are designed to draw attention to your sweet, ladylike charms. ;) Versatile enough to be worn with jeans or  a cocktail dress, these are sure to be your new favorite gems!
Cameo Statement Gold Earrings by Sophia and Chloe
Cameo Statement Earrings

Cameo Statement Gold Earrings, Made in the USA
Cameo Statement Drop Earrings

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