Monday, June 25, 2012

Friends Forever

Sophia & Chloe Adult Friendship Bracelets
Sophia & Chloe Friendship Bracelets
Whether offered by a timid child to a new friend, exchanged between sisters, or given to a BFF, these braided friendship bracelets have always struck me as the embodiment of wearing your heart out on your sleeve. Tiny, often sticky hands have tied these sweet tokens of affection on my wrist, first, by my daughters Sophia and Chloe, and more recently, by my niece Mia. 

The inspiration behind the Sophia & Chloe friendship bangles
The inspiration behind the Sophia & Chloe Friendship Bracelets
 It somehow just does not feel right to take something so heart-fully offered off of your wrist.  So… my husband Ken has attended many a “grown up” business meetings with one of the these peeking out from under his sleeve.  My daughters are usually adorned with stacks of these, especially after camp! And… no matter how formal the occasion, my sister-in-law Lisa is usually sporting one or two of these beauties.  Funny how a few pieces of braided thread so powerfully evoke the rich ties of love and friendship.

Adult metal friendship bracelets by Sophia & Chloe
For all of the extraordinary women in my life, in celebration of the sisterhood of friendship, these are for you. 



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