Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things....

I have always thought that jewelry is so personal. Worn close to the skin, it really is a woman's own iconic statement. Even the way your jewelry looks, just casually on your dressing table, is such an intimate vignette... So the challenge for me is to create something really special that will strike a chord with someone on that level. When I design, I am always thinking of this, and also "Where will "She" wear this bauble!"

For over 20 years...I have worn these bangles every day....Some jewelry just becomes a part of you...Three are vintage Moroccan gold bangles, each one several generations old that were handed down to me by women in my family. My husband Ken added a fourth to my collection when we went to Marrakesh in 1988. This was the inspiration behind my Language of Bangles collection. Ken surprised me by having my Sophia & Chloe Stepping Stone Bangle cast in gold for me for Valentine's day. I am pretty sentimental about these....

I never really put away the other "regulars" shown here on my dresser. My every day go to pieces are turquoise Kiss gold hoops, my favorite Colette long lariat in blue green chalcedony, and the lapis Harmony bracelet I like to layer with my bangles. My stand by statement earrings are the Stepping Stone citrine gold hoops, the ivory Divine pearl hoops, and my olive cz and whisky quartz Jennie's Fancy chandelier earrings. For when I want to go all out I wear my Rapture shoulder duster chandeliers...I like to keep these out just because they remind me of celebrations.

You can see these and other inspired pieces at


  1. Nathalie, dahlink! I'm so happy you are finally joining the bodacious blogging community! I've always loved how you express yourself in words (and of course in your designs as well) and so to bring them together here is simply giddifying! I love this peek into your bauble boudoir and I eagerly await more tales of trinkets :) BIG love, Gina

  2. Congratulations. Looking forward to reading more blogs from you.

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